Special Website Offer for Beauticians, Beauty Salons and Fitness Clubs

An Amazing Limited Time Offer For All the Beauticians and Fitness Experts in USA United States of America , Canada, Australia, United Kingdom UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Pakistan and rest of the world.

Beauty is the most important part of any human being’s life and to get the perfect beauty and fit body we need to visit the Spa, Fitness Clubs and Beauty Salons where the expert fitness experts and beauticians not only make us attractive but also helps people to maintain their fit and active lifestyle to stay beautiful for a long long time. And these days as technology has grown so fast and quick, every business must have a website and social media connection to the customers which not only makes easy for customers to find the best but also increase customers and sales for the businesses.

Beautician-Beauty Salon Offer
Beautician, Beauty Salon Offer

So, by keeping in our mind the importance of website and social media like facebook, we at OnlineAdMag brought a very special offer for our respected Beauticians, Beauty Salons, Spas, Wellness Clubs, Fitness Clubs, Gyms, Gym Professionals, etc. This Special Offer is regarding our Service of PromoPage Website which is a one page website which you can get in Just US $5. Yes you heard it absolutely right, you will be getting your own or business’s website (promopage) in just US $5 only. This is the most sffordable website in terms of price which you can not get from anywhere else in this world. Not only this but we will also maintain it for one year free of cost for you in which we will assure that your website won’t go down. This is a really amazing but a limited time offer which you can have it right now else you will miss it.

We will also be giving a free facebook page management service to our clients with this offer for one full month, in which we will update your facebook page with your business related images which you will provide us and we will brand them. Below you can see the complete written package which you will have in this special offer:

  • PromoPage Website (Good Package) for US $5 for the first year.
  • Free PromoPage Website maintenance which includes 99.99% up time.
  • 1 Month Free Facebook Page Management Service (Slim Package) for the first month.

Benefits which you will get with this offer:

  • You will become a business or person who will have a website
  • People can then find you by searching on search engines like Google.
  • You will have your very own facebook page
  • Your sales will increase with the increase in customer viewership on social media and through website.
  • Your PromoPage will have your business name in it like: http://onlineadmag.com/YourBusinessName
  • There will be a contact form in it so that your customers can easily contact you.
  • Rest all the things will be given which are mentioned in the related packages.


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