Anyone can do sales but not everyone can do sales

You might be thinking about the title of this article and some of you might strife with my views but it’s according to Adnan and this is what I feel and learnt so far in life from my experience and as being a student of marketing. There are different types of people in this world but when it comes to the selling part, we all are involved in it at some extent such as if we count some professionals apart from sales people, like doctors, engineers, marketing people, etc. all are selling their services to their managers and customers. For example a doctor sells his/her experience and service by providing a good service to the patients by speaking politely and dealing with a charming attitude. This is how a doctor sells his service and the marketing of that doctor is till where he/she tells people what he/she studied, in which area he/she specialized in and how much experience that doctor has and of where. Patient gets aware of that doctor by watching the pylon of doctors outside the hospital, this is marketing, the patient visits the doctor and doctor communicates with patient to sell his/her service so that the patient visits that doctor again next time, this is sales. And if the patient gets satisfied with the treatment of that doctor he/she will come again to that doctor and will promote good words to others about that doctor, this is what branding is all about. Now if we see here doctor is also doing sales but he didn’t choose the profession of sales because he didn’t want to become a salesperson but the doctor after all still selling at some extent. Same is the case with the marketing people that they didn’t choose sales as profession but people thinks that a marketing person is same as the sales person. Marketing profession doesn’t involve direct selling of products and services to the customers, marketing people sales themselves and their ideas to their managers and businesses that how to promote their businesses and how to attract and aware customers in various ways so that they know what are the products and services a company is manufacturing and promoting.


Management students who select marketing in their majors, it doesn’t mean that they chose it to become a salesperson. Salesperson doesn’t need to be a well-qualified with some MS level degree, selling is like an art and it is a skill which can be taught or learnt through experience because one needs to have an excellent communication for it because it is what a salesperson needs to have to sale a product or a service and to convince the customers and pursue them to buy the product or service which a salesperson is offering. Marketing is a backstage work in which a marketing person makes strategies and works on different marketing collaterals which are used for giving awareness to the customers about the products and services of a particular business and these collaterals are also useful for a salesperson for selling as they show these to the customers to get a sales done.

So the conclusion which comes from this article is that a marketing person does not choose marketing specialization to become a salesperson or sales as a career and salespersons are those who choose their career and work as a professionals to do sales and achieve targets. It’s a matter of personality of the person and most importantly his/her choice regarding the professional career. That’s why the title says that anyone can do sales but not everyone can do sales because everyone doesn’t want to be a salesperson.

By Adnan Arshad