“Up To” Misspelled as Upto, the most commonly used mistake by big companies in their advertisements

Some of you might strife with my views and this article but as being a student of marketing these are my views and for a learning purpose we all should see and compare between good and bad, dos and don’ts.

up-to-sales-mistakeIf you guys have ever noticed that many companies use the words “up to” in their advertisements and marketing campaigns as “upto”, especially during the sales period when almost every company is offering discounts in terms of percentage. But did you ever noticed, most of the companies have written up to in a wrong way. Yes! It’s true that many big companies seems like never bothered to check their advertisement content is right or wrong and this comes in the proof reading process. It is a responsibility of the marketing department of that particular company to proof read the advertisement before publishing or printing or even before launching a campaign. This also shows that how much a company’s marketing department is competent and active.

Now comes how they can know that whatever they wrote on their ad exists in grammar or in a dictionary or not. The answer to this is very simple even a small 5 years child of today can tell that “Just Google it” or “Check on MS-Word” and when you write it on Google the word “upto” they will tell you that the word upto is no word and this is basically the misspelling of the two words up to. There should always a space between these two words, whether you write it on the ads or anywhere else. Mostly it is used for the discount offers or sales promotions with different percentages. Now as you know that what is right and what is wrong, try to see what is written on hoardings (billboards), brochures, flyers, websites, etc. And I bet you, 5 out of 10 would be misspelled the words up to as upto.

And if any manager of any company’s marketing department is reading this article, please don’t get angry on me, yourself or on your subordinates, because we all are learning and the learning never stops. If you learnt something new, just apply it to the wrongs and fix the mistakes. And also make a habit of checking spellings on MS-Word or on Google, especially when you are not clear of any word.

Below are some pictures of different companies marketing campaigns who did this mistake in their ads.