8 Reasons Businesses Should use Facebook Marketing

Why as a Business should use Facebook as a marketing tool and advertise on Facebook?

Facebook marketing is a booming strategy.  Big companies use Facebook for advertising. Small companies and nonprofit organizations use them too for their promotions.  If you have not created a fan page for your company yet, you must be having double thoughts in joining Facebook and using Facebook marketing as a company strategy. There are still many businesses who don’t use Facebook for marketing and advertising. They too are having the same thoughts as you are. They too are still weighing the pros and cons, and still figuring out what and how much they can get from it. But do you want your company to get left behind? We are sure you don’t want to get left behind. Whether you are a local or international company, a small or a big business, Facebook is a good venue to start promoting your products and services.

Here are 8 awesome reasons why you should start advertising on Facebook and use Facebook as a marketing tool right now:

  1. Facebook is still the fastest growing social network.
  2. Facebook has more than 500 million active users. They log regularly (if not daily) to interact and socialize with their friends and family, play online games, shop, get to know other people, find stuff, etc.  If you get through a small portion of these 500 million users, your business can go all the way.
  3. Each active Facebook user has at least a hundred contacts.  If you get one user to share your business on their posts, you get known by at least a hundred Facebook users.
  4. You access a big percentage of people with buying power.
  5. Most Facebook users are between 26 to 34 years old. These are from the working age group who are willing to spend.
  6. When you advertise on Facebook, your brand can be seen by people who have the buying capacity.
  7. With Facebook, you can directly connect with your customers where ever you want in the world. In traditional advertising, you expensively bring your brand to the thousands of people, and you are not even sure if they are interested in your products or services.
  8. In Facebook, you can easily reach the people who are potentially interested in your brand.  In Facebook, you can easily connect directly with your customers, or your potential clients.  People who actually bought your products or used your services are likely to LIKE your fan page, and they can share their experiences with you and their network.

When someone likes your page, their “Like” activity can actually be seen by their own network, creating an instant promotion for you. It is cheap. Facebook will not cost you much. Creating a fan page is totally free.  You are not required to spend at all on ads. And if you opt to use the paid Facebook ads, you do not need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to promote.

You can use your fan page to announce your new offers, promotions, activities and events. Connect with your target market. Facebook ads lets you customize the visibility of your advertisements. There is no point promoting to people or location that do not have access to your brand. With Facebook, you can reach out to potential customers. It will be easier to close a sale. Facebook offers endless possibilities for you and your business. You can come up with a thousand ways of promoting your brand in Facebook. It is very versatile. Aside from a fan page, you can hold contests and online events, promote a brand, do polls, post a video ad, post as many photo ads as you want.

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