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There are different kind of keywords and each keyword has its own depth of search which we do research for you i.e, there are some generic sort of keywords like water and other sort of like the best water and another type of like best water company in United States of America. So each of these keywords have their competition, depth, search volume, etc. Every keyword research and its SEO search engine optimization is totally unique due to competition requirement and getting it to the top of google, bing, yahoo and other search engines. All these type procedures which includes link building, keyword research, article writing, on page and off page SEO, etc of Search Engine Optimization are different for different keywords.

As said above that each SEO for a keyword and its requirement is unique and different from other keyword so their pricing also varies according to the type and requirement of that company and it's keyword for which company want to get their brand name on to the top of the search engines. But for a rough idea these prices start from US $500 per month to US $2500 per month and this price can and the time of getting the position in search engine may increase depending on the keywords and website.

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